Soil Testing

The Process

The various soil testing laboratories in the country will carry out the testing of the soil samples, the results of which will be analysed by the experts. The results are related to the strength and weaknesses of the soil. The experts also suggest methods to improve the soil quality. These results and suggestions are displayed in the soil health cards.

How does it help the farmers?

  • With the issue of the card, the farmers will get a well-monitored report of the soil which is chosen for cultivation of crops.
  • The monitoring will be done on a regular basis.
  • The farmers will be guided by experts to come up with solutions to improve the quality of the soil.
  • Regular monitoring will help the farmers to get a long-term soil health record and accordingly can study and evaluate the results of different soil management practices.
  • This card can become most helpful and effective when filled out regularly by the same person over a period of time.
  • The idea is not to compare the varied soil types but to find out methods to improve soil fertility, to access the different types of soil and their ability to support crop production in spite of their limitations and as per their abilities.
  • The soil card will help the farmers to get an idea on the crop-wise recommendations of nutrients and fertilizers required in each type of soil. This can help in increasing the crop yield.

Swasth Dharaa. Khet Haraa.” – Healthy Earth. Green Farm.

A Soil Health Card is used to assess the current status of soil health and, when used over time, to determine changes in soil health that are affected by land management. A Soil Health Card displays soil health indicators and associated descriptive terms. The indicators are typically based on farmers’ practical experience and knowledge of local natural resources. The card lists soil health indicators that can be assessed without the aid of technical or laboratory equipment.

Soil Health Card (SHC) is a Government of India’s scheme promoted by the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation under the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare. It is being implemented through the Department of Agriculture of all the State and Union Territory Governments.

Soil Health Card Scheme is a very beneficial scheme for farmers. There are many farmers in India. And they do not know which types of crops they should grow to get maximum yield. Basically, they do not know the quality and the type of their soil. They might know by experience what crops grow and what crops fail. But they don’t know what they can do to improve the condition of the soil.



  • The soil health card mission is the national mission implemented initially by our honourable prim minister.
  • First of all, we are getting soil sample from farmers and check it with proper name, survey number, and other relevant basic information.
  • Afterwards, we are preparing a batch of 150 soil samples and fine the soil sample by the uses of test sieves.
  • Afterwards, soil samples we are put in the soil sample tray having its specific number printed on the tray and accordingly we are taking PH and EC reading.
  • Afterwards, soil samples are to be filtered by the use of whatman filter paper and taking reading of PH and EC of complete batch of soil samples.
  • Afterwards, we are doing potash, organic carbon, phosphorus in calorie meter and flame photometer.
  • After completion of above total five parameters, we are testing the said batch of soil samples for micro-nutrients testing.
  • In micro nutrient testing we are testing the parameters like; calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, boron, nitrogen, copper in the atomic absorption spectrophotometer . This machine is fully computerized and we are getting all the results in a software base system and the test results are automatically generated in the computer system for which we can print the same.
  • After completion of all above tests, we are offering for 1% random verification to the concern authority who will cross verify of our work.
  • After completion of satisfactory verification test results obtained by us, the results are confirmed and we are making its online entry in the software of government of Gujarat.
  • After making all the entire entry online basis, a soil health card is generated of individual farmers and finally we are submitting that to the concern authority for its distribution.

Finally, as a result, the main purpose of this entire


To improve the form production government of Gujarat worked out a scheme to carryout soil testing of each farmer and advised him to improve the soil fertility through required/deficient additives. The government of Gujarat issued a certificate to each farmer as Soil Health Card indicating condition of soil of his form. Based on the soil health card the farmer where advised to take corrective actions to improve the productivity. This scheme was launched by honorable prime minister SH. NARENDRA MODI who was then chief minister of Gujarat.


The scheme of Soil Health Card was launched again in finance bill 2014 by the finance minister SH. ARUN JATLEY with the advise to each state to develop a mechanism to analyze the soil of each farmer in their states in order to improve the productivity.


In Gujarat the soil testing work is being carried out by the agricultural produce market committee through PPP Model in which the soil testing laboratories are being set up by the department and the competent testing personals are being provided by the private partners. A copy of the scheme floated by the government of Gujarat is being enclosed here with for your immediate reference.

We are pleased to inform you that presently we are working with the government of Gujarat in Junagadh, Amreli, Una, Visavadar, Savarkundla, Jamnagar, Wankaner, Rajula, Mahuva and Anjar districts. Also in the field of laboratory instruments, we have so many government rate contracts with below detailed Govt. departments:


  • Department Of Agriculture, Govt.Of Guj, Rajkot.
  • Department Of Agriculture, Govt.Of Guj, Jamnagar.
  • Department Of Agriculture, Govt.Of Guj, Surendranagar.
  • Department Of Agriculture, Govt.Of Guj, Junagadh.
  • Junagadh Agriculture University, Junagadh.
  • Dantivada Agriculture University, Sabarkantha.
  • Pdu Medical College, Rajkot
  • Mundra Solar Pvt.Ltd., Mundra. (Adani Group)
  • Hem Paints Pvt.Ltd., Wankaner (Asian Paints Group)
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