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Audio Frequency Function Generator 1Hz to 100 Hz

Bending of Beam Apparatus

Bending of Beam

Cantilever Apparatus


Diffraction Grating

FET (Field Effect Transistor) Characteristics

Fly Wheel

Horizontal Torsion (Searle’s) Apparatus

Kohlrausch Conductivity Bridge

L-C-R Resonance Apparatus

LDR Characteristics Apparatus

Maxwell Bridge

Maxwell’s Vibration Needle Apparatus

Maxwell’s Vibration Needle

Moment of Inertia of A Flywheel

Photo Transistor Characteristics Apparatus

Srewart & Gee’s Tangent Galvanometer

Stefan Constant Apparatus

Study of Logic Gates Using TTL IC’s 6-In-1

Torsion Horizontal Apparatus

Transistor Charactistics Apparatus

Verification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem

Verification of Thevinn’s Theorem

Verification of Truth Tables of Logic Gates Using Universal Gates (NAND & NOR Gates)

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