What does ISI:-

Bureau of indian standards (isi) is only a central autonomous body working under the central government is a certification body for obtaining ISI, ISO (international standards organization), HACCP, Hallmark, EMS (environment management system).
This body looks after all the activities as per rules framed thereunder and verify that the concerned party fulfill all the technical as well as documentation requirements as per the relevant indian standards then only after issue certificate.
ISI also gives third party assurance for the quality of the product manufactured by the ISI marked company between the customer and licensee.

What & Why is ISI ?:-

ISI department gives ISI mark to the manufacturers after verification of laboratory, technical personnel and the quality of their product and if the their product found conforming the all the requirements as per the relevant indian standards, ISI draws sample for testing in an independent laboratory and if it is found passing, ISI issues licence to the manufacturers for their product.

In this present situation, if the manufacturers has to compete their product in this present globalization market, is should be of the best quality. If they really do so, they must have go for obtaining ISI mark. After obtaining ISI mark, manufacturers can challenge that their product is 100% of the good quality and give the guarantee of their product to the customer. Moreover, government time to time also advertising tender for purchase of various types of material for which only ISI mark manufacturer can apply for the tender.

BIS/ISI Certification



1. IS-694 Cables/FR/FRLS
2. IS-12269/ 1489/ 8112 53/43 Grade Cement & PPC Cement
3. IS-1786 HSD Bar
4. IS-2046 Laminated Sheet
5. IS-4984/85 PVC/HDPE Pipe
(Without Testing Charges)
6. IS-15658 Paver Block
7. IS-13098 Vechicle Tube
8. IS-814 Welding Electrodes
9. IS 4151 Halmet
10. IS-2556 Sanitary Wares
11. IS-2202 303/710/1659 Plywood/Marine/Plywood Block Board/Flush Door
12. IS-3854 Electric Switchs
13. IS-1363 Nut Bolts
14. IS 3087 Particle Board
15. IS-12823 Pre Laminated Board
16. IS-7224 Iodized Salt
17. IS-8783 Winding Wires
18. IS-7231/IS 2548 Flushing Cistern & Seat Covers
19. IS-2548 Seat Covers
20. IS-7903 Tarpolin
21. IS-8887 Bitumen Emulsion
22. IS-15462 Bitumen Emulsion (Different Grade)
23. IS-12592 Man Hole
24. IS-12933 Solar Flat
25. IS-14887 Wooven Sack Bag
26. IS 458 Cement Concrete Pipe
27. IS 14543 Packaged Drinking Water
28. IS-261 Copper Sulphate
29. IS 299 Alumino Ferric
30. IS 1161 Steel Tubes For Structural Purpose
31. IS 1660 Wrought Aluminium Utensils
32. IS 1664 Mineral Mixture For Cattle Feeds

IS 2185 (PT-3)


AAC Block For Construction
34. IS-2508 Low Density Polyethylene Film
35. IS-2553 Safety Glass For Road And Transport
36. IS 4923 Hollow Steel Section For Structrual Use

IS 5872


Strips For Box Packing
38. IS 9537 Rigid Plain Conduits Pipes For Electrical Installation
39. IS 13488 Irrigation Equipment Emitting Pipe System
40. IS 15410 20 Pet Jars For Drinking Water Purposes
41. IS 15477 Adhesive For Ceramic Tiles
42. IS 15652 Insulating Mats For Electrical Purposes
43. IS 5382 Rubber Sealing Rings For Gas Main, Water Main And Sewers
44. IS 12701 Water Storage Tank
45. IS 1746 Shoe Police
46. IS 2547 PT.1

Gypsum Bullding Plaster
Part 1 Excluding Premixed Lightweight Plasters

47. IS 15622 Vitrified Tiles
48. IS 2553 (PT.2) Safety Glass For Road And Transport
49. IS 3564 Door Closure
50. IS 3854 Electric Switches
51. IS 4199 Liquid Soap
52. IS 5175 Polypropelyne Ropes
53. IS 5872 Strips For Box Packing
54. 7809 (Part II)-1977 Pressure Senstive Adhesive Insulating Tapes For Electrical Purposes
55. IS 13488 Irrigation Equipment Emitting Pipe System
56. IS 15265 Flexible PVC Pipes Or Polymer Reinforced Thermoplastic Hoses For Suction And Delivery Lines Of Agricultural Pumps
57. IS 1554 Cables – Heavy Duty Type
58. IS 5405 Sanitary Nepkin
59. IS 1293/ 3854 Electric Switches, Plug And Sockets
61 IS 15558 Gas Gyeser
62 IS 2721 Wire – Ms
63. IS 8329 Fencing Wire
64. IS 8034 Submersible Pump
65. IS 4199 Liquid Soap
66. IS 636 Non-Percolating Fire Fithing Hose Pipe
67. IS 8423 Controlled Percolating Hose For Fire Fighting
68. IS 6003 Intended Wire For Prestressed Concrete
69. IS 204 (PT-2) Tower Bolt – Ferrous Metal
70. IS 205 Non Ferrous Metal But Hinges
71 IS 302-(0)2-(30) Safety Of Household And Similar Electrical Appliances -Room Heaters
72. IS 302-2-76 Jatka Machine (Fencing For Farming)
73. IS 455 Portland Slag Cemen
74. IS 455 Portland Slag Cemen
75. IS 624 Bycycle Rim
76. IS 2082 Storage Electric Water Heater
77. IS 2347 Domestic Pressure Cooker
78. IS 4246 Domestic Gas Stoves For Use With Liquefied Petroleum Gas
79. IS 4250 Electric Food Mixers (Liquidizers And Grinders)
80. IS 5382 Rubber Sealing Rings For Gas Main, Water Main And Sewers
81. IS 5872 Plastic Strips For Box Packing
82. IS 14885 Polyethylene Pipes For Supply Of Gaseous Fuels
83. IS 13757 Burnt Clay Fly Ash Building Bricks
84. IS 15489 Paints, Plastic Emulsion
85. IS 16008(PT-2) Agro Textiles – Shade Nets for Agriculture and Horticulture purposes